What’s all the fuss about Transponder Keys?

As a vehicle owner in Virginia Beach, VA, it’s almost impossible to converse with an automobile locksmith without hearing the words transponder key. These two seemingly innocent words have become synonymous with not only automotive locksmiths but locksmiths in general.

Numerous car owners and security enthusiasts have come up to us inquiring about what transponder keys are, why they work the way they do, what sets them apart from traditional keys and why they would want to make use of transponder keys over conventional keys.

We decided that it’s unfair and counter-intuitive for end-users of this product to be in the dark about the inner workings of a transponder key, it’s with that in mind that we spoke to some of the most experienced locksmiths we know including stakeholders in the industry to compile a semi-comprehensive list of all the things you need to know about transponder keys; without much ado here are a few things every transponder key user should know.

Good Lock - What’s all the fuss about Transponder Keys

1. More Security

It’s a well-known fact that transponder keys offer a higher level of security when compared to their alternatives. This is achievable due to the chip that is embedded within your key and the corresponding receiver system that’s installed in your car.

Transponder keys transmit a low-level signal that easily gets picked up by your vehicle when your transponder key is within range of your car, radio waves are sent to and from your vehicle, and this gives your car a higher level of security.

The security perks don’t end there when you enter your vehicle, and your transponder key gets within range of your dashboard, you can proceed to switch your car on. If your car doesn’t verify the signals it receives from the key, it will fail to start making it considerably harder for auto thieves to steal your car.

2. Convenience

A transponder key has the ability to take convenience to a whole new level; they allow vehicle owners to use their vehicles in such a way that car key alternatives don’t allow, don’t worry, we’ll explain.

When you compare manual car keys and transponder keys, consider it from this point of view. A regular car key is comparable to a landline phone while a transponder key is more like a smartphone, admittedly, landlines are great they served our needs for decades and for a long time they were the gold standard of mobile communication, but as we evolve so does our tastes and needs.

Nowadays, smartphones have taken the place of landlines as they can do more than landlines could ever dream of doing. Regular car keys served the needs of Virginia Beach, VA residents for decades, but our needs and tastes evolved, and now we make use of transponder keys because it’s the logical step forward. In the age of convenience, transponder keys have become the gold standard of automotive locksmithing.

3. The Catch

As high as a transponder key is, it’s not without issues and minor flaws. For example, it’s theoretically possible for a computer hacker to compromise your vehicle by reconfiguring its settings to allow a third party transponder key work on it or by remotely compromising your vehicle’s security; keep in minds that the odds of this happening to your car are astronomically low.

It doesn’t happen often, but it’s a risk that every car faces, after all, is said and done, the upside of transponder keys far outweigh its downsides.

In Conclusion

A transponder key will improve your vehicle’s security exponentially; it’ll get rid of a lot of security and design flaws that made cars easier to compromise; for example, if you use a transponder key, it’s almost impossible to hotwire your vehicle.

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