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Lock Installation – How to Install a Lock on A Car

You probably don’t think about the locks on your car door too much. You lock your door when you leave your vehicle and unlock it when you return. Even if you have a key fob to unlock your door, you know that you can manually open your door with your key if the fob doesn’t work.

Good Lock Locksmith in Virginia Beach, VA, knows that outdoor elements can damage your door lock over time. Rain, freezing temps, and dirt can all affect the operation of your door lock. Corrosion of the tumbler and constant use can put you in a situation where you can’t enter your locked vehicle.

What will you do then? Keep reading to learn about lock installation on your vehicle and how important it is to know a good locksmith.

First, when will you know when it’s time for a new lock installation? Your first hint will be when you start having problems unlocking the door on your vehicle. You put the key in the lock, and it doesn’t want to turn right away. You have to wiggle the key a bit to unlock your door. As soon as this happens, you will want to start making plans to replace your lock. If you let it go too much longer, even wiggling your key won’t help.

Follow these steps to complete the lock installation job:

1.  Remove the door panel

Make sure your window is closed. But also have another car window open in the event you accidentally lock yourself out of the vehicle. With the door open, go around your door, removing all the screws holding your interior door panel in place. Once you have completed that, gently remove the panel and place it to one side.

2.  Remove the plastic liner

Most vehicles have an inner plastic liner behind the door panel. It’s in place to keep liquids and debris from getting to the inner workings of your door. Gently pull it away and place it with your door panel. Most likely, you will be able to glue it back into place.

3.  Disconnect electronic connections

Remove any electronic connections in place, such as door lock switches, electric windows, and door lights. I suggest taking a picture of the connections before disconnecting to make it easier when you reconnect.

4.  Remove the door handle control rod and the lock control rod

Locate the main control rod on the interior door handle and unclip it. Then unclip the lock control rod and remove that as well.

5.  Remove outer door handle

Find and remove the bolts on the inside of the door that holds the outer handle in place. Remove the door handle from the outside of the door. This procedure may take some wiggling and maneuvering of the door handle, so be careful you don’t scratch your paint.

6.  Remove the lock

Using a screwdriver, remove the retainer clip holding the door lock in place and push the lock through the front of the door.

7.  Install the new lock

Carefully put the lock in through the front of the door, ensuring it’s appropriately oriented. Slide the lock clip into place.

8.  Reinstall the handle

Once the lock is in place, carefully put the door handle back in place, taking care not to scratch the paint and bolt the handle in place inside the door.

9.  Reinstall door handle control rod and lock control rod

Reconnect the control rods for both the lock and the door and clip them in place.

At this point, you will want to test the lock to ensure that it works.

10.      Reconnect electrical connections

Reconnect any wires you may have disconnected. Test them to make sure everything works.

11.      Put plastic liner back in place.

Use glue to put the plastic liner in place, making sure there are no open areas.

12.      Reinstall door panel

Put the door panel firmly in place and screw it back into the door frame.

Even though I’ve outlined the steps to change a basic door lock, most people don’t feel comfortable doing the job themselves. There are several types of door locks, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

If you want the job done right, you will want to choose a good Virginia Beach, VA locksmith. A professional locksmith has the expertise to do a lock installation quickly.

When it comes to choosing a locksmith, here are some key factors to consider:

1.  Look for a locksmith who is licensed

Professional locksmiths in Virginia receive training that is certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services and are fingerprinted.

2.  Look for a locksmith who is local

Local locksmiths serve the community where they live. Dealing with a local locksmith usually means faster service. Read reviews and ask friends for recommendations.

3.  Find out what vehicles they service

You don’t want to take your Cadillac to a locksmith that only works on Fords. Make sure they have the experience to work on your make and model.

Good Lock Locksmith in Virginia Beach, VA is your best choice when installing a new lock on your automobile. We offer emergency roadside services 24/7 and we service a wide variety of vehicles such as Honda, Toyota, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn, to name a few.

Call Good Lock Locksmith at 757-755-0605 to get an estimate on your new lock installation.

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