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Understanding 24-hour Emergency Service

Locksmithing is a dynamic craft; numerous branches make up locksmithing. A few of these branches include digital locksmithing, commercial locksmithing, residential locksmithing, automotive locksmithing, and, last but not least, 24-hour emergency locksmithing. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other branches and sub-branches of locksmithing; but these five are the major ones.

You might be asking yourself, what is 24-hour emergency locksmithing? First and foremost, it is a combination of two similar locksmithing sub-branches, which are 24-hour locksmithing and emergency locksmithing. Generally, a 24-hour emergency locksmith is a locksmith service provider that offers their service for at least 18 hours a day; they can also be described as locksmiths that are always on call throughout the day.

One mistake occurs fairly often; people often mistake all 24-hour emergency locksmiths as offering this service full-time. A lot of emergency locksmith service providers don’t offer their services full time; here are three classifications of emergency locksmiths.

Priority Emergency Service

When you contact such a locksmith outside of working hours, they put you on a priority list, and you’ll be among the first people they’ll serve when they resume working the next business day. In such a case, if you have an emergency that needs immediate attention, they probably aren’t ideal for you.

Restricted Emergency Service

Restricted emergency service providers offer their services throughout the day. Still, the catch is that due to human resources, it may be one or two people in a service serving an entire city; and if you have an emergency, you may end up waiting a while if there’s increased demand. Single-person locksmith services and smaller establishments usually offer restricted 24-hour emergency services.

Comprehensive Emergency Service

A comprehensive emergency service provider is a locksmith service that guarantees their services throughout the day. Due to such establishments’ size, they always have a few people on duty at every point throughout the day. Imagine you require emergency key replacement at 02:34 am due to damage, you can contact a locksmith that offers emergency key replacement, and they’ll arrive at your location within an hour.

Real-World Emergency Scenario

Stories help us pass our message across better, and today we’ll share the story of how a 24-hour emergency locksmith helped a customer out with emergency key replacement when it mattered the most. It was a cold January morning, around 3 am when Lela heard loud bangs on her door, and within seconds of waking up, the door opened.

It was Lela’s ex-boyfriend, let’s call him Jack; Jack refused to accept that Lela was done with him; he had spent the last three weeks since their break up stalking and keeping tabs on her, by now he was convinced that she was with someone else and in his drunken state he gained access to her apartment with the spare key she had given him when they were together.

Lela quickly called the cops while trying to calm him down, and they came and carted him off; after they left, Lela couldn’t return to bed because she didn’t feel safe in her home anymore. At this point, Lela decided to contact Good Lock, a locksmith service in Virginia Beach, VA that offers emergency key replacement and general locksmith services. They changed some of her locks and rekeyed others; after this emergency procedure, Lela could get some sleep.

This is just one example of when a comprehensive 24-hour emergency locksmith helped out a client when it matters the most.

Good Lock – More than just Emergency Key Replacement

Understandably, Lela’s story may lead you to believe that Good Lock only offers or specializes in emergency key replacement. This couldn’t be farther from the truth; this locksmith service is one of the pillars of our community here in Virginia Beach, VA; as a matter of fact, hundreds of American households go to be at night knowing that the professional locksmiths affiliated with Good Lock are always available to help them out if need be.

If you live or do business in and around Virginia Beach, VA, and aren’t taking advantage of the fantastic services offered by Good Lock, we wonder why. It doesn’t matter how peculiar your needs are; they even provide automotive locksmithing service for top vehicle brands such as Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, Saturn, Toyota, and much more.

When you’re ready to take your security game to the next level, feel free to pay us a visit at Virginia Beach, VA, you can’t also call us at (757)-755-0605 or send us an email at locksmith@good–lock.com.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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