What is a transponder key?

Almost all the vehicles come with a transponder key. Its use boomed after 1995 and is now used very often in vehicles. Most of the new cars come with a pre-installed transponder key system. The key provides enhanced security for our cars. A transponder key has a Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter (chip) built inside the plastic portion of the vehicle key. The vehicle has an RF receiver in or near the ignition switch. These two parts work together to form an RF module and the vehicle then recognizes the right key. These days it is also used to protect businesses and residences.

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Transponder key: A good choice to prevent theft

The transponder key is different from the remote key. The remote key has a two-way mechanism to get access to the car. The first is to manually unlock the car door through a traditional lock & key and the second is by pressing a button on the car key that unlocks the car by detecting a frequency signal from a distance.

Transponder key on the other hand comes with more layers of security. It, therefore, is a good choice for your vehicle because it does not allow the car to start unless the correct signal is detected. Hence, a duplicate key will not be able to start your car provided it has the right transmitter according to the car’s receiver. This is a very prudent choice to minimize the risk of car theft.

How to know if your key is malfunctioning?

One must be fully informed of the functioning of their vehicle. Sufficient knowledge about your car would let you recognize all the red flags before anything serious happens to your car. There are a few key indicators of a damaged transponder key.

Some of the most common symptoms include locking/unlocking problems, the engine does not get a start, car ignition issues, and car alarm inconsistency. The key also uses a battery and at times mere battery replacement can fix the problem. If the battery drain is not the case for the malfunctioned key, then you should seek professional help.

Why should you hire a professional?

Although you can replace the battery on your own, you might not be able to fix other kinds of complicated problems with your key system. The problems with the transponder key can get a little complicated than the normal car keys. Due to the structure of the key system, a person with good knowledge of the electronic system is needed to handle your key system. It is always advised to not handle it all by yourself.

Rather call a professional and licensed locksmith service. A good locksmith would be able to give you the desired result in no time. There are, however, some cars that might take longer to get your key fixed. Some keys require a diagnostic machine to provide you the required kind of service. Efficient locksmith services have all the required tools to ease out your problems.

Make sure you thoroughly go through their website before hiring them. If you are stuck in some emergency then, you should take some time to understand their services over a call. Hire a locksmith only when you are satisfied and confident with their company.

Are you looking for a good transponder key service in Virginia Beach, VA?

If you have lost your key or have a damaged transponder key, Good Lock, Virginia Beach, VA is the best available option for you. We have the necessary skills to replace and reprogram all kinds of automotive keys. All local locksmiths might not have this facility.

At Good Lock, we promise to offer our trusted and timely locksmith service. At times, the entire key reprogramming is not required but a mere repairing would suffice. We are always ready to provide you the best 24-hour emergency key service. You can always go through our website to know about us in detail. We also offer to help you understand the nature of our work over the phone. We are always ready with all kinds of key solutions.

Each car comes with its specified code and every locksmith service might not be able to cater to your need. Some of the cars in which we usually work are Honda, Toyota, Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Infinity, Isuzu, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn. If you have a car other than the ones provided in the list you can still call us and we can together figure out the necessary solutions.

Dial 757-755-0605 to experience our services.

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