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Chip Keys – Transponder Keys

Transponder keys afford your vehicle an extra layer of protection that regular keys don’t provide; they function thanks to a minute computer chip that’s placed inside them; this helps in authenticating your vehicle’s original key from duplicate keys.

Imagine this, when you insert your transponder key into the ignition of your vehicle, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) sends a secure encoded message to and from the key. The original transponder key will receive this secure message and respond to the ECU. Plus, your car will only start when the signals are authenticated by your vehicle.

It goes without saying that the advent of transponder keys has made the job of automotive locksmiths more complicated. Still, locksmiths have evolved and improved to be able to overcome this bottleneck.

The Past

The history of transponder keys is quite murky and complicated; but most historians can agree that the concept of transponders dates back to the Second World War.On radars, they helped distinguish friendly aircraft from enemy aircraft.

They enabled military forces to identify friendlies to transmit information to pilots; transponders have survived and are extensively used in modern aviation. Transponders made their way into keys and cars after the number of car theft in Germany skyrocketed between the late eighties and early nineties, ever since they gained popularity in Europe major car manufacturers around the world have used them, and the rest is history.

The Present

Transponder keys do not feature an in-built battery; Your key’s embedded chip receives radio signals from your vehicle. These radio signals are of low energy or strength, and they activate your keys’ chip;As soon as you push it into the ignition of your car or even as close to the dashboard as possible.

Despite their apparent permanence, transponder keys can wear out or break over time. Keep in mind that if you ever need transponder key replacement. You might want to contact your car dealer or a trustworthy, neighborhood automotive locksmith service provider.

The Future

Transponder keys have come a long way, and in just a few short years they became the gold standard of automobile keys. The future looks bright for transponder keys, and we can’t wait to see what further developments they will attract. At the forefront of this innovation drive is Good Lock; this Virginia Beach based locksmith enterprise is well-known for being innovative, especially in automobiles.

Throughout the years, Good Lock has continually set the bar higher, most notably with their transponder key replacement service; even though car key replacement has gotten more difficult and expensive worldwide. Therefore, A locksmith from Good Lock must program your car key after cutting it.

For transponder key programming in or around Virginia Beach, VA, please visit Good Lock at www.good– or call us at 757-755-0605!

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