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Understanding High-Security Locks

When we hear the term high-security locks, a few things may come to mind. “This locksmith is trying to overcharge me for a fancy lock” or “how much stronger is such a high-security lock”. Even then, “such a lock will not be easy to operate”. ” Today, we’re here to lift the veil on high-security locks, and our aim is that by the time we get to the end of this piece. You would have gained a better understanding and appreciation for the average security lock.

What does a high-security lock mean? From our perspective as locksmiths, helping customers improve their security through high-security locks; means a long-term relationship with customers and patented keyways.

This might come as a surprise to you, but security locks have a long and fabled history; in 1861, Linus Yale Jr invented and patented a flat key with serrated edges; this lock had pins of varying lengths; it’s worth mentioning that Yale Jr’s design of the pin-tumbler lock is still in use today. Yale got inspired to work on creating smaller, stronger security locks by his father; Yale Sr, who designed the original pin-tumbler lock in the 1840s.

After Linus’ invention, other companies such as the Mechanical Development Company (MEDECO); introduced what’s generally accepted to be the world’s first high-security lock. Knowing the history of security locks is vital to understanding and utilizing them. And when people other than certified locksmiths use the term high-security; it may be misleading and hard to predict what they’re talking about.

After all, is said and done, high-security locks are locks and keys that provide the best level of resistance to attack & picking and provide excellent key control.

Should I Invest In A High-Security Lock?

This is a question that hundreds of thousands of Americans ask each year, even though most of us believe that our current locks are enough to cater to our needs. Are you a business owner? High-security locks are designed to provide more excellent protection against most attack methods used by spies, saboteurs, and criminals.

A general rule of thumb is that “interesting” premises that are more likely to be attacked, such as businesses and “high-end” homes, should invest in high-security grade items; this goes beyond locks. It goes without saying that security locks are considerably more expensive than conventional cylinders; this might lead you to wonder if they’re worth paying more for.

Yes, high-security locks are worth the extra price, and if you want to keep your kids, your spouse, and your loved ones safe at all times, then you may want to consider high-security locks seriously. Many American families opt for high-security locks because you cannot put a price on family and safety. In some cases, insurance companies require their customers to show proof of high-security hardware because they understand the usefulness.

How Useful Is A Security Lock In The Business Place?

Zara is a business owner in Virginia Beach, VA; she runs a pawnshop that she launched almost a decade ago; over this time, her business has grown from a small startup to one of the largest pawn shops east the Mississippi. As Zara’s company grew, it became apparent that every employee shouldn’t have access to every room; at this point, the business went from focusing on regular household items to luxury items such as jewelry and sports gear.

Zara contacted her dependable locksmith service, and they helped her install state of the art locks within her business that allowed access controls. Now, individual employees can only access rooms they work in, and the locks keep a log of room access, so you know who was in a specific room and for how long. Ever since the installation, employees’ misappropriation has dropped to zero because everyone was now accountable to themselves and the team. Yes, a security lock is useful within businesses, no doubt about that; you may be wondering how to access an expert security lock service in Virginia Beach, VA, wonder no more.

Good Lock – Security Lock Experts in Virginia Beach, VA

One of the most integral jobs of locksmiths is security consultancy, your locksmith should be able to guide you on how to protect your home better, and you should only work with locksmiths that you trust not to take advantage of you.

Good Lock is a locksmith service based here in Virginia Beach, VA. Customers of the Virginia Beach area are impressed by their professionalism, knowledge, and excellent customer service. If you’re interested in a new security lock experience, please contact Good Lock at (757)-755-0605 or via email at locksmith@good–

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