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How to Rekey the Door Lock of Your Car

Rekeying a car’s door lock is a service you can expect from your Virginia Beach VA locksmith. In this article we will look at how The rekey door lock process works and what you can do yourself when facing a situation that requires rekeying.

Let’s start by understanding the process. Rekeying involves changing the tumblers of the lock so that the lock will no longer open with the older keys. A standard lock has tumblers and lock pins. Besides changing the tumblers, you can also rekey the lock by replacing the lock pins. Another reason why people rekey is to get a master key that works with all of their locks.

The rekeying process

The rekeying process starts by finding the right tools for the job. Start by learning about the lock you have installed in your car. Then find a rekey kit suitable for that type. The components I have mentioned above are of a standard lock. The method may be different for locks that are more complicated.

In the next step, you’ll be working on the cylinder of the lock. You will be removing the cylinder. This is done by removing the sleeve and then pushing the lock cylinder so that it separates from the rest. You can reach these interior parts of the lock by accessing the clip holding the lock face in its position. And, you can access the clip by inserting a pin or wire into a tiny opening given in the lock. To separate the pins of the lock, insert the key into the lock and move it in the same direction as when unlocking the car door. To remove the cylinder plug, use the plug follower in your kit and keep applying pressure onto the cylinder.

Rekey Door Lock

The next step in the rekey door lock process will be to remove the lower pins and then unplug the key you have entered into the lock. Now it’s time to insert your new locks key and pins. To correctly place the pins inside the lock, make sure that the sharp sides of the pins are touching the key. The final step in this process will be to reassemble the door lock after the key is cut, so you can test the new key and see how you did.

This is how the car door rekeying process progresses. Of course, if you don’t want to go through the entire process yourself, then your best option is to contact an experienced locksmith. You can  find a Virginia Beach MA locksmith who does this for many different makes and models, including Honda, Toyota, Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet , Chrysler, Ford, etc.

Transponder and remote keys

These days most cars come with programmable keys and remote controls. These include transponder keys and remote keys. Both keys look the same and use radio frequency for allowing you to lock and unlock the car. The difference between the two is that the key fob for a transponder also has the electronic chip without which the engine doesn’t start.

The rekey door lock process for a programmable key is different because of the electronics and the time taken will also vary. Some locksmiths may be able to create a clone very quickly as long as they have access to the wireless information from the key in the ignition.

Whether you’re looking for a door lock expert for your old car or new one, make sure you find out their ratings before hiring. These ratings are normally available online for search engine-listed businesses. As an added step, you can also check if they are registered with business authorities.

The Better Business Bureau profile of the company will also have ratings of the company and any complaints left by old customers. Also, ask your friends and family if they have used any of the service you’ve found.

Our Rattings

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