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Dealing with Lock Emergencies

If you’ve ever been locked out of your vehicle, home or business, you’ll understand how unsettling, such an occurrence can be. Unfortunately, due to zero or improper preparation, our actions can make a bad occurrence worse. We listened to you, and this is why we decided to create this piece; that’ll share a few tips on how to deal with lockout emergencies. Are you ready? Without much ado, here are our tips on dealing with lockouts.

I just got locked out, what should I do? It’s essential to keep in mind that preparation for lockout occurrences begins long before you ever get locked out. If you wait until you’re in a lock emergency before contacting a locksmith, you’re already going about this wrong.

The best advice you’ll ever get on how to handle a lock emergency is to begin preparation immediately. Contact a few locksmith services in your city and inquire about the services they offer; operating hours, size, equipment and more.

When this is done, you can proceed to settle on a locksmith virginia beach service that’s perfect for you. Ideally, the locksmith you pick should be skilled and accredited by a regulatory body; they should be no more than a 45 minutes drive from your home or business if you’re a business owner.

This is often overlooked but ensure you always have a piece of identification that links you to your property. Because, a locksmith can decline to help you regain entry to your home or vehicle if they suspect that you aren’t the owner.

Locked Out of Your Home

Imagine you just returned from work, while walking towards your home, you begin fiddling around for your keys; and then it hits you, the only key you had left has just been stolen or misplaced, you’re not sure. It becomes apparent to you that you’re locked out of your home; the worst thing you can do is attempt to force your way into your home, please don’t do that.

Contact your trusted locksmith service, and within an hour; they should send a locksmith professional to help you regain access to your home.

Locked Out of Your Business

An essential part of succeeding in business is keeping your location and products safe; if you fail to do this, you’ll be out of business in little to no time. If you ever find yourself in a business lock emergency, a skilled locksmith might be your best bet.

A lot of business owners require lock expertise when they need to change or upgrade locks. When they can’t gain access to their onsite safe. As a business person, when you find yourself in a compromising security position with your locks, don’t try to force entry, contact a professional.

Locked Out of Your Vehicle

Picture this scenario; it’s a picturesque Sunday afternoon in Virginia Beach, VA, you prepare to run some errands while fiddling around with your keys. Your exit your home and head towards your vehicle; you click your transponder fob to activate your car, it doesn’t work. You get to your car and insert your key, open your vehicle then try to turn on your ignition, but it doesn’t work.

After a while, you realize that the programming is messed up and your car isn’t receiving your transponder keys signal properly. Lucky for you, you planned for such occurrences; you simply pull out your phone and contact your reliable automotive locksmith to reprogram your key.

Locked Out At Night

This is a significant fear that a lot of us have, being locked out of your automobile, home or business. This isn’t something a lot of us want to experience and those of us that have dread a recurrence.

A lockout can occur anywhere, and at anything, you can return to your home at 8:09 pm and discover that your keys no longer work. It’s also possible for you to fail to gain access to your car after a full day of work. Not just that, a local business person can discover that their stores lock no longer function when they try to close for the day.

If you ever find yourself locked out at night, please don’t panic, contact a reliable lock emergency locksmith – hopefully, you have one on speed dial and try not to attract too much attention to yourself.


Being locked out is a genuine risk, and a lot of us live our lives every day without knowing when we’ll be locked out of our homes and businesses. That being said, most lockout incidents are avoidable. You can start your journey towards comprehensive lockout protection today by contacting Good Lock, a Virginia Beach, VA, based locksmith service today. Visit them if you want a seamless blend of professionalism and class, they’re at Virginia Beach, VA 23464 or contact them through email locksmith@good–lock.com or phone (757)-755-0605.

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