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Home Locksmithing The Past Present And Future!

Home locksmith has been around for as long as people have needed to protect themselves and their valuables; it’s not hard to figure out why locksmiths are essential to our daily lives. In the past, locksmiths used the necessary skills to craft relatively simple locks and keys. Still, in recent times locksmiths have begun to make use of more sophisticated mechanisms to protect your home; against more than just forced entry.

Unsurprisingly, home locksmiths have begun to develop and make use of futuristic digital technologies. Thanks to technology companies to protect homes from both physical and digital attacks. Locksmithing in the future will follow a more technology-centric path.

What Does Home Protection Entail?

When we look at the topic of personal home protection; it entails more than having the newest locks installed by a home locksmith. Home protection is an attitude, it’s a way of life, and it’s the way you care about protecting yourself; those you love, and your belongings. Home protection includes knowing that you can’t rest until every single square inch of your property is fully protected.

In order to help you gain a better understanding of what you should do in regards to home security, we developed a simple three-tier system.

Tier 1

This includes standard locks and keys, heightened security consciousness as well as a quick and easy means of contacting law enforcement agents. This tier is where most people fall under; it’s enough protection for a family living in a relatively safe neighborhood

Tier 2

In tier 2, you should have standard keys, and your home locksmith will craft locks. Heightened security consciousness, and natural means of contacting law enforcement; pepper sprays, self-protection training, whistles and items to thwart off potential burglars

Tier 3

At Tier 3, you will learn about standard locks and keys, law enforcement contacts, self-defense training, non-excessive protection gear, along with prevention measures for burglary

Tier 4

The exciting part comes here, we install state-of-the-art digital locks and keys. In addition to on-call security agents, less than two minutes away from the nearest police station. CCTV cameras, guard animals, and mildly excessive protection gear can also be used.

Tier 5

At the top tier of home protection, this is where you go all out. New and improved digital and analog lock systems, full-time security agents, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, protective gear such as knives and firearms, guard animals as well as quick response from law enforcement agents

The tier-based system we used to explain home protection for you is by no means perfect or even comprehensive; it’s a quick guide to give you a better idea of what to expect and how much energy you need to invest in getting your home protection system to where you want it

Do I Need To Invest More In Locks?

You might be feeling pretty comfortable about your current lock and key system, and you may feel like upgrading your current system isn’t worth the effort.

Keep this in mind, burglars are continually evolving and coming up with new ways to break into homes and take away our most prized possessions, it’s your duty to protect those you love as well as your home by staying one step ahead of burglars.

So before overlooking at the services of a home locksmith, you may want to give your decision a little more thought.

How Can I Improve My Home Security?

You may want to start with a diagnosis from a professional home locksmith and proceed from there. Nowadays, it’s not hard to come across locksmiths claiming to make your locks impenetrable and all that, but they aren’t always sincere.

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