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Types of Locks

Door locks come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of locks available. It doesn’t take much to invest in the wrong lock for your needs or invest in a low quality of the ideal lock for you; we’ve decided to take time out to explain as much as we can about locks.

Without much ado, here are a few lock varieties, they include;


A deadbolt lock is a better alternative to spring locks because deadbolts add an extra layer of security to your home or business.

In order to unlock a deadbolt lock, you need to rotate a cylinder within the lock with a key, failure to use the right key means that a deadbolt will remain locked; there are also single deadbolt locks that require a key on the outside and a thumb-turn on the inside to unlock.

Deadbolt locks are prevalent because they are easy to use and provide you with an unbelievable amount of protection.


Padlocks are popular because of their ease of use and abundance; odds are you’ve made use of a padlock at least once in your life. Padlocks are freestanding locks, and they’re not hard to identify; there are three general types of padlocks, combination padlocks, key-based padlocks, and TSA-approved padlocks.

Combinations locks require you to input a combination of keys through a mechanism to unlatch such padlocks; key-based padlocks require keys to operate them, while TSA-approved padlocks utilize both keys and combinations.

Mortise/Rim Locks

Rim and mortise locks appear similar, and they can be mistaken for each other, but they are different; for example, RIM locks include two mounting bolts linked to a metallic plate, they also include a stem with bolts protruding outwards, while Mortise locks involve threading on the surface as well as a cam. The cam in mortise cylinders opens up when you insert and revolve the right key.

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks come with elongated handles making it easy for users to open doors by pushing the handle down, such locks are popular, to say the least, and they’re a tested and trusted lock mechanism.

In many lever handle locks, the keyhole may be present on the mortise plate while others are located below the lever. Lever handle locks are widely used, and their built-in locking mechanism makes them ideal for interior doors. This is not to say that lever handle locks don’t work well on external locks, but you may get more value for your money with a deadbolt lock on exterior doors.

Digital/Smart Locks

Gone are the days when digital locks that make use of biometrics, retina scans, and the likes were considered to be science fiction, the future is here. Smart locks enable us to open doors without the need for physical keys; a lot of the time, the “key” is a part of you, such as your thumbs, retinas, face, and more; in other cases, a smart lock can operate using a key card.

Smart locks are convenient; some can connect to the internet through Wi-fi or Bluetooth; you can also operate certain smart locks through your phone.

Cam Locks

Cam locks come equipped with a metal plate (cam) attached underneath a locking device; to operate a cam lock, you need to insert a key and turn it between 90 to 180 degrees to lock and unlock.

Cam locks are versatile as they can be used to secure windows, cabinets, locks, lockers, file cabinets, and the likes; cam locks are widely used in businesses.

This article by no means a comprehensive explanation of locks; this is a simple explanation of a few of the most used and effective locks. Some of the other locks we didn’t have time to go over include, Furniture locks, Vending Locks, Interchangeable Core Cylinders, Euro profile cylinders, Wall-mounted locks, and more.

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