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How a Locksmith Opens a Combination Lock

Using a combination safe to keep documents and other valuables secure is still as popular as ever. The safes are made to be sturdy and durable and the locks on them are difficult to crack. At the same time, these great qualities can be become a challenge if you forget the combination and need access to the contents of the safe. A good Virginia Beach, VA, locksmith can help you with this problem. In this article, we’ll look at how a combination lock works and some common issues with this type of lock.

The working mechanism of a combination lock

The main component of combination locks is the wheel set. The wheels work together to remember the combination and the number of wheels relates to the numbers of the lock’s combination. On the outside of most locks, you’ll find a turn dial. This dial is attached to a spindle which runs through the wheels and a drive cam.

Moving the drive pin of the drive cam, by using the dial, causes the drive pin to come in contact with the wheel fly, which is a tab present on the wheel. The function of the drive pin is to make contact with all the wheels – the process is called picking up the wheels. The wheels also contain a notch which lines up when you use the right combination. The lining up of the wheel and their notches is the main system at work in a combination lock. Your Virginia Beach, VA locksmith will have worked with different combination locks; so they’ll have an idea of how to go about opening it correctly.

Like all types of locks, a combination lock can also run into problems. Some of these problems are because of equipment failure and others are because of human error. Let’s look at some of the technical issues.

The right combination not working on the safe

Sometimes the safe will not work even if you enter the combination correctly. In such a situation, you should first investigate the levers and hinges of the lock. As a last resort, lubricate the hinges and try to dislocate the door. Of course, a professional may have better ideas for opening the safe than dislocating the door.

The dial getting stuck

Another issue with the safe can be in the form of the rotation mechanism not working properly. This is usually a bigger issue because it may mean that there’s a problem with the inner mechanism of the lock.

Whether you’ve forgotten your password or are facing a technical issue with the lock; a Virginia Beach, VA locksmith will have the tools to get you out of trouble. Here are some ways in which the locksmith can help you.

Drilling into the safe

Drilling may seem like a very intrusive process that will damage the safe; but it’s actually a better option because it takes less time and the safe can be repaired easily afterwards. It’s important to note here that drilling may not be useful with all types of safes, so it’s always useful to check with manufacturer guidelines. With safes that it’s useful with, drilling allows the locksmith to enter an instrument into the lock to see how it can be opened.

Another option is to cut into the safe. Of course, this is not the preferred option because it’ll not only damage the safe but it’ll also take a lot of time. To save the safe and your time, the best option is to figure out how to open the combination lock.

As mentioned above, safes come in varying levels of complexity. Therefore it’s a good idea to see if your locksmith has experience of working with your type. Another important thing to consider is warranty. If there’s a chance of internal damage to the safe, check if it’s still under warranty.

Combination Lock by GOOD LOCK LLC

When selecting a locksmith, ask for recommendations from friends and family and see what previous customers have to say about different service providers. The opinions, complaints and praises left for services online are often specific to the type of service used. This allows you to know if the claims made about a particular service on the locksmith’s website are good or not.

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